Frog Mystery Boxes


Price: 12000 tokens

Chance to win a 450 level creature from ALL the DLC's, a 300 AC2 Animal, TEK gear/saddles/structures or much much more!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

After you recieve your box, type in game chat: /lootbox goldbox

1 Gold Quality Lootbox
Random chance to aquire a...
Level 450 Creatures from Gen, Gen2, Aberration, Scorched and Vanilla.
Level 300 Additional Creatures 2 Modded Dino's!
Chance to win the rare TEK Forge, TEK Stove or Hatchery
TEK Armor, Weapons and Saddles at high to super high quality!
Special RP skins
Weapons of super high quality
SS Crafting Stations, including TEK!
SS Storage, including TEK!
SS Structure packs, including TEK!
Saddles of super high quality (including AC2 Saddles) including TEK!

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