General Server Rules - Player comfort is paramount to Purple Frog Global. Please treat fellow players with courtesy and respect no matter what the situation. If there is a person being rude, disrespectful or abusive to you or anyone in the PFG community please notify the admin team immediately.

  1. No building on or too close player spawn points. New players should not be seeing bases when they spawn in on most locations.

  2. No building on or being too close to ruins. These are event areas.

  3. No building or blocking large groups of more rare resources such as Metal,CP,Obsidian,Crystal ETC. (5 Resource nodes or more) OR Obelisk/Console areas, or your base may be wiped.

  4. No blocking or building structures that impede, slow or block access to artifact caves, artifacts, explorer notes or any other game content meant to be shared.

  5. Do not spam build all over the map. 1 Land base per person unluess RP content allows more. Ocean bases are limitless. Structure Decay is 3X more then official rates.

  6. Do not build near someones base with the intention of blocking them from building, Contact an admin if they are too close.

  7. No Pillaring/Foundation spamming or saving spots to build. Building is a first come first serve situation. Little stone/metal huts do NOT count.) You must be actively building in the area with the majority of your tames and resources.

  8. No sharing taming/wyvern pens by leaving catchers open for others to use WITHOUT supervision. (So when trolls come out we know where they are getting there animals from)

  9. Do not sell big or harder to tame animals to tribes who have not progressed far enough to get their own first. (including wyverns, Gigas, Skiff or other OP creatures) This also prevents trolls from making major attacks before we identify them.

  10. Rouge Taming pens can only exist for 3 days. Please pick up after that time period or they may be deleted or you may be contacted by an official. Thank you for you for keeping our server clean for new players to build.

  11. Dinos are not allowed to be Bred or left behind in Artifact Caves and must be removed when done or will be subject to be removed.

  12. No locking oil veins/pumps. There is plenty of oil for all on the maps as to not deal with drama.

  13. Players must make a tribe when joining server. If raids happen the proof is in your tribe log. No proof, there will be little the community can do about it.

  14. No asking Admins to use their admin commands inappropriately or for an individual. We are players just as you are and will not use our tools unless it is 100% needed for the entire community.

  15. No spamming the chat window.

  16. No politics or controversy in any of our services unless specified. Our communication services are for game information, light subject matter and announcements. Suggestions, complaints or feedback of any kind may be made exclusivly at

  17. No admin disrespect. This includes accusing admin abuse which may result in a warning kick or ban. DM or arrange to speak to a Sr. Admin/Core/Founder if you suspect abuse.

  18. No Fire Sales: Taking, Giving structures or Tames before leaving the server. (This may ruin the game for new players)

  19. No use of excessive strong language, chat or the use of the words Cunt/Pussy or Trigger words intened to garner attention (including implications to the words on tribe/player names) that are prohibited by the code of conduct. You may receive a warning OR kick/ban without warning. We are a 18+ Community but itellectual discussion is promoted.

  20. The range display of Super Structures teleport devices, troughs, etc is prohibited from being left on. The mod author clearly has not meshed the range indicator to blend with the existing ARK graphics therefore it denies another player who seeks immersion the option to not see it. Players who ignore this rule may be subject to a warning, kick or ban since it displays discourtesy to players around them.

  21. Modded animals may be transferred to maps that contain the same mod at the players OWN risk.

  22. Defend your base from new players that may disobey rules, Trolls or Troll Tribes. Lock doors and build security turrets and walls in a way that show courtesy to our community and neighbors. This helps to reduce the amount of player vs. Base deaths yet protects you from random trolls. If an are attack is encountered, DM an admin immediately.

Thank you you all so much for reading through a long list of guidlines that has been built through the years by the PFG community!


Do not include your youtube, server name, company, website or any type of social media that may detract from the game of the PFG ARK server without speaking to a Sr. Admin or Core member of Purple Frog Global and getting it approved. You may be banned without warning.


Gifting (giving players free stuff that is not in your tribe) is not against the rules but frowned on by the community. Please engage in a trading system that you feel meets the players level to promote activity. Gifters ruin server population while traders keep it. Activity PFG wants to keep a clean uncluttered server. In order to do so we like to have weekly active members. Please be sure to log in once a week and reactivate your decay timers on all personal structures and tames or have your tribe mate do so for you. Any absences from Ark should be reported to an Admin so we know you have not left the server. Auto decay is activated weekly to biweekly to deter server lag. If we can not get in contact with you we will clear your base and tames so other active people may occupy the space.

System or Game Server Abuse

Please do not exploit any in game bugs, glitches, or errors. Report any of these issues to the admin team as soon as possible and keep it confidential until the issue is fixed. Please also report any people who are exploiting these issues to keep our server happy and healthy. Failure to do so may result in the same consequence as the violator.


  1. Please use intended channels for ark correctly (Tribe for tribe talk, Local for people nearby, etc)

  2. No spamming global chat so much that it blocks people from talking to each other.

  3. No disparaging against race, sex, religion, political groups, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other beliefs, identities or lifestyles.

  4. No attacking any community members verbally with name calling, harassment or threats of any kind.

  5. No obscenity, profanity, vulgarity that is inappropriate for anyone under the age of 13 by general standards of decency.


No illegal discussions such as illegal drug use, hacking, terrorism or acquisition of unauthorized copyrighted material.


Please cooperate with any instructions a staff member gives you. Any decision made by a staff member is final and should be treated as such. Do not claim admin abuse unless you have hard evidence that there is. We take admin abuse very seriously in PFG and have strict guidelines that admins have to follow.


  1. Any tribes wanting to pvp with each other will have to be approved by an admin before engaging each other.

  2. PVP must be agreed upon by both/all parties before engaging.

  3. Any unsanctioned PVP actions will be met with community retaliation with admin supervision IF player refuses to make up for their infraction due to not knowing our PVP rules.

  4. If unsanctioned PVP continues you will be kicked from the server for the appropriate amount of time. To be determined by the admins.

  5. Please defend your base from new players that may disobey rules, Trolls or Troll Tribes. Lock doors and build security in a way that shows courtesy to our community and neighbors. This helps to reduce the amount of player vs. Base deaths. Thank you

::SCREENSHOTS [F12]::(Remember to take a screenshot and provide "PROOF" before reacting. Post to or our Facebook page. Admins will not step in unless trolling starts. It's the community who acts as our police force).