Structure Packages


Price: 50000 tokens

About Glass Structure Package
These are apart of the ss mod and has the same use as the greenhouse BUT AS STRONG AS METAL!! They have adjustable transparency, Paintable glass, The strength as metal Different model and looks for most pieces. Have your plants in a fancy glass greenhouse while you're out destroying dinos and gathering resources to stay alive! This package includes:
100x Glass Foundations
50x Glass Triangle Foundations
100x Glass Ceilings
50x Glass Triangle ceilings
100x Glass Walls
50x Glass ramps
50x Glass Railings/half walls.
50x Glass Sloped walls left
50x Glass Sloped walls right
60x Glass Roofs
60x Glass Triangle roofs
5x Glass Double Door frames
5x Glass Double Doors
5x Glass Staircases
10x Glass Gates
10x Metal Gateways
10x Glass Bohemoth Gates
10x Metal Bohemoth Gateways
1x Vault

Only deliverable on the FrogRP cluster!
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