KIT Specials & Tools


Price: 20000 tokens

Oh no! You see a an perfect level and color tame you want, yet you forgot your taming kit at home? No loger a problem for the Rockwell Inc's version of a hunting kit with style. Originally nicknamed by the great Santiago "The Prestige", this kit has been the leading top seller for over 457 years! This taming kit combines comfort and style with uncompromised quality and performance. (Warning some of these items are perishible)
1 Longneck Rifle (Good Quality)
50 Shock Darts
1 Harpoon Gun (Good Quality)
25 Pojectile nets
1 TEK Binoculars
50 Extrordinary kibble
200 Narcotics
150 Tranq darts
30 Cooked Lamb Chop
1 TEK Canteen
1 Sleeping Bag
1 SS Campfire
2 Chairs
100 Spark powder
1 Preserving Bin

Only deliverable on the FrogRP cluster!
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