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Price: 15000 tokens

Santiago Camacho, orginally a tribesman from early BC, became a Terran Federation hacker. His knowledge of how to weaponize Element made him the backbone of his Tek tribe till his death. Ever since he woke up on the Aberrant ARK and learned about the fate of Earth, Santiago has been driven by learning more about Element's effects on planets. Specifically, he wanted to understand how Element could have ruined Earth. Follow in his footsteps, and become one of earths last warriors against the corruption of element and its anti God, Rockwell...

Santiago (MEK) Barbarian Kit

225 Level Mek
50 Element
Zelgos Necklace Skin
AAron Canvas Top Skin
Zelgos Pants Skin
Zelgos Gloves Skin
Zelgos Boots Skin
Klaus Shirt Skin
M.D.S.M. (deployable shield vs Energy)
Santiago Spear Skin
Pike (Super Quality)
Santiago Hatchet Skin
Hatchet (Super Quality)
Scout (Super Quality)
300 Element Dust
20 high elixer Potions (May need to deafeat an ogre Boss to use this ultra powerful potion. Summon one at the ice castle on Lost Island)

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