KIT Specials

Once per 14 day(s) (0%)

Price: 2000 tokens

A Viking Archer Bear Warrior! Or somthing like that. Yes, yes, you get all this for only 2k!
Aberrant Dire Bear 225
1 Fjordur Hawk 150
1 Cryo pod
1 Eco Empire Viking Mod (Good Quality) Bear saddle skin
1 Flak Chest Piece (Good Quality
1 Flak helmet
1 Fur Glove (Good Quality)
1 Fur pants (Good Quality)
1 Fur Boots (Good Quality)
1 Metal sword
1 Bow (Good Quality)
100 Arrows
1 Hatchet (Good Quality)
1 Spyglass
1 Viking helm Skin (no horns)
1 Viking Light Chest Piece Skin
1 Viking boots skin (no fur)
1 Viking gloves skin
1 Viking Hatchet Skin
1 Viking Sword skin
Quiver Backpack Skin.

Only deliverable on the FrogRP cluster!
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